Monday, February 24, 2014

Just a little Uplift.

Here are a few quotes and photos via the Tumblr page of a very smart young lady name Jordyn, who is young but has strong faith, and is using her blog to uplift the word of God.

Feel every word. Stay Beautiful. Never say you are lucky, you are Blessed :) #DBTAE

Friday, February 14, 2014

Count your Blessings and Create Your Blessings!

Today has been a very long day, which began at 7am, an hour that I haven't seen on the clock since my day began at 7:20 in high school.Gosh! How I hate waking up early lol nevertheless,it was for a blessed reason, selling jewelry at FAMU's Set Friday with my fellow interns at Over The Top Fashion while also giving away FREE wings courtesy our partner Chicago Wings!
I received not only my first, but also my SECOND internship within 5 days of each other, both at some amazing businesses Over the Top Fashion LLC an accessories store located conveniently close to my school, and Paradigm PR and Consulting based in Atlanta, who right now is promoting their client Shanell an R&B singer signed to YMCMB Record label!

And as if that wasn't enough for me to fall to my knees and thank Jesus, I also get to represent Natura an Online Natural Hair Magazine for my University, as well as possibly having the opportunity to write for them, depending on how my test blog goes!


I am so thankful for the direction my life is going in and all the opportunities God has granted me! Sometimes it feels like all of these Great things just fell into my lap overnight, but then I remember how long the lord had to work on me in order for me to even get up off my butt and try to make it happen. But he laid all my plains into place.

Along with school, which will always come first, running the website, and 3 Blogs trying to keep up with all my loved ones I thought that these new things would overwhelm me, but in reality I feel more balanced than ever! It’s like a lack of time makes me prioritize my time, and I really do enjoy having something to do with myself!
                               I guess what Got has taught me through these things is to remember not only to count your blessings but to create your blessings, because you can’t win the race, if you’re not even in it! #Don'tBiteTheAppleEve