Monday, August 3, 2015

Avoiding the Apple: Managing Anger

Day 2: Managing Anger

Probably my favorite thing about these devotions was that I never knew what would be reveled to me, and even now as I go over my notes and scriptures again, what I'll have found since then. On this day I got a lot of confirmation that everything I had been going through was only to make me stronger, which I know is so very cliche BUT yet and still very true! Many times we can grow weary of holing on to that peace that God wants us to have and we take comfort in being angry, sad,

Managing Anger
Though you have suffered much it was to prove the genuineness of your faith.
In high school a big problem for me used to be anger, I would get so upset over what I felt like was people "trying me" that I just had to prove that I was NOT the one to be tried! This created so many problems for me as though I could always huff and puff the loudest, I would always end up suspended from school, disappointing my parents or even worse the problem would just continue to a greater degree. 

Managing Anger

At the end of the day the big bad wolf never gets the pigs, and I had to realize through many chaotic situations and two years of anger management classes that anger is really weakness. You have such a lack of control over your emotions that you let someone else drive you to the point of stepping out of your peace.

I discovered how uncanny it is to approach people with an overwhelming sense of understanding and fairness. Most of the time arguments, anger and feelings of distress can be diffused with time and guidance. And who better to guide you than the lord.

Managing Anger

The truth is these feelings of bitterness, negativity, and resentment are not of the lord. They are in fact the direct opposite. When you hold hate in your heart towards someone to the point where is causes you to gossip (look for others to join you), and wish harm, ask yourself this; Is God smiling or is the devil?

Joyce Meyer has a phenomenal sermon on bitterness vs wholeness where she addresses praying for your enemies even if your not sure you really want God to bless them. I love Joyce Meyer because she is candid aka she keeps it real, God knows praying for our enemies isn't something we necessarily take joy in doing, but forgiveness can only bring you peace, and hating them can only keep you down.

All in all anger is weakness, it causes you to talk bad about people, it evokes feelings of distain and keeps our prayers in a box. So I challenge you now, to write down every person that gives you that UGH feeling when you picture them in your head or hear their name. Be truly honest with yourself, even if the list gets long  and think of an honest prayer you can send there way. If they have an mean spirit pray for unexpected kindness to come there way, if they have stolen from you, pray that God blesses them with a spirit of giving. Transform your enemies into recipients of your prayers and God will transform your ashes into beauty. #DBTAE 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Avoiding the Apple: Day 1 Giving God your Best Fruits

Introducing a New Series: Avoiding the Apple

So, as I mentioned last week I started doing devotions every morning for 7 days straight, and they have greatly improved my heart, mind, and sprit. I used various methods for my devotion all of which offered me great bible verses, food for thought, and practical plans of action that I felt instead of moving on to Day 8, I should delve deeper and share here, as I listen to a little Smokie Norful Pandora.

So what might I call this devotional recap? What better for my Don't Bite the Apple Eve readers than....Avoiding the Apple :) 

Day 1: Giving God the Best Fruits of Your Day 

This is the video I began with, and I loved it because it made me ask myself some tough questions that needed to be at the forefront of Day 1.

Key Points 
1. Is God an afterthought or your first thought?

  • Many times we like to believe that because God "knows our heart" we don't have to do things like go to church or do devotion because we think about God all day or pray every night. BUT doing these things can only strengthen your walk and your heart. 
  •  Ask yourself, what do I spend most of my time doing? What do I look forward to doing when I first wake up, what is my routine? 
  • Give God a place in your daily, weekly and monthly routine. You may not like church , but there are plenty of sermons and scriptures online that you can use to help show yourself and God that he is first, and most important maybe even more so than just attending church.

2.What will you leave so your loved ones will know how to follow God when your gone?

2 Peter 1: 12-15 Because the stakes are so high, even though you're up-to-date on all this truth and practice it inside and out, I'm not going to let up for a minute in calling you to attention before it. 
13 This is the post to which I've been assigned - keeping you alert with frequent reminders - and I'm sticking to it as long as I live. 
14 I know that I'm to die soon; the Master has made that quite clear to me. 
15 And so I am especially eager that you have all this down in black and white so that after I die, you'll have it for ready reference. 
  • As followers of Christ we take on the role of a parent, teacher, and friend. Meaning that what we do should be a reflection of what Christ ask us to do.
  • Helping bring others to him is the goal, so what will people say about you if you left today? 
  • Let your light shine!
3. A fool listens to himself and thinks he's right, but a wise person seeks council.

  • The only way to become stronger in the word is too....READ IT! Meditate on what you have learned and read versions like The Message that may explain it better for you.
  • Older people are wiser people, they don't know it all but making it up to this point in life they have seen a lot of pain, happiness, and love so their advice should be heard. 
  • Who's the first person you call when something happens bad or good? Lean on the lord for understanding and always thank him first!

In Conclusion: Slow down and praise him daily

Giving God the best fruits of my day for me meant waking up early. The precious extra moments of sleep that I didn't really need but indulged in, are now spent with my heavenly father, and it helps me wake up better than any alarm or newscast ever could. 

Maybe for you your best fruits are you breaks at work or the time in between your classes when you usually call a friend or get online. Maybe it's before bed when you watch Family Guy or listen to music, whatever it is, make sure it's truly your best because God will reward you and more importantly as I found, you will feel worth being rewarded. God Bless #DBTAE 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

I'm back and I'm not turning back!

Its a been a while since I've written a blog post, over a year to be quite honest. Every time I've had a moment I felt the spirit was speaking to me I have thought "Dang I should share this on DBTAE" but I won't lay out a list of excuses of why that never happen, I will just say that I'm back.

In the past year God has done so many dynamic things in my life, but I also have fallen back into old habits, distractions and sins that led me away from the lord and my work. Now as us faithful Christians know you will never lose the lord and all he taught you completely even when deep in sin, but that luke warmness is not what God wants to see, and now that I'm back on track I see how much more I could have accomplished had I been whole heartily submersed in his word.

The video posted above is a small part of the daily devotion I have been doing every morning on my journey back to being red hot in the holy spirit. Joe of is a true man of God! I enjoy his videos because they are candid and approach issues that many young people wonder about but could probably never as their parents and pastors. He keeps it real and remains in the teachings of the bible and not of his own thoughts.

I have also been exploring a daily devotional video series by Inspiring You Today. Today I am on Day 7 and upon completing the final video I want to make a post with key points from each day to share with you all. Along with Joe, Inspiring You Today and of course a little gospel and tons of prayer, my daily devotion usually ends with a dynamic conference call that is truly changing lives.

Coach Stormy Wellington, who is now the #1 Network Marketer in the wold created this call and began with I believe 12 people and now the numbers have reached the 800's. The company that has allowed her to see so much success is called Total Life Changes, and they sell teas, diet supplements and things along those lines, but her morning call has nothing to do with pushing the company (I'm not a member his is not a secret plug lol) but everything to do with getting up in your face and making you ask yourself why am I not successful yet and serious calls to action in order to get out of your own way.

I will be sharing more and more about the things I do during my morning devotions, but I just had to come today and let everyone know that I am back. God has given me a big task to prepare for (I'll share soon) along with running my businesses, completing my final year at FAMU, Oh and I also work for Apple now, since I have started giving God the best fruits of my day things have become a lot more clear and so much easier. I've been tested...a couple time lol but I can only imagine how I would have came out had I not been on this path.
I missed blogging for Jesus, and I hope you missed reading my thoughts, I love to hear yours so like, comment, share and always remember Don't Bite the Apple Eve :)