Monday, August 3, 2015

Avoiding the Apple: Managing Anger

Day 2: Managing Anger

Probably my favorite thing about these devotions was that I never knew what would be reveled to me, and even now as I go over my notes and scriptures again, what I'll have found since then. On this day I got a lot of confirmation that everything I had been going through was only to make me stronger, which I know is so very cliche BUT yet and still very true! Many times we can grow weary of holing on to that peace that God wants us to have and we take comfort in being angry, sad,

Managing Anger
Though you have suffered much it was to prove the genuineness of your faith.
In high school a big problem for me used to be anger, I would get so upset over what I felt like was people "trying me" that I just had to prove that I was NOT the one to be tried! This created so many problems for me as though I could always huff and puff the loudest, I would always end up suspended from school, disappointing my parents or even worse the problem would just continue to a greater degree. 

Managing Anger

At the end of the day the big bad wolf never gets the pigs, and I had to realize through many chaotic situations and two years of anger management classes that anger is really weakness. You have such a lack of control over your emotions that you let someone else drive you to the point of stepping out of your peace.

I discovered how uncanny it is to approach people with an overwhelming sense of understanding and fairness. Most of the time arguments, anger and feelings of distress can be diffused with time and guidance. And who better to guide you than the lord.

Managing Anger

The truth is these feelings of bitterness, negativity, and resentment are not of the lord. They are in fact the direct opposite. When you hold hate in your heart towards someone to the point where is causes you to gossip (look for others to join you), and wish harm, ask yourself this; Is God smiling or is the devil?

Joyce Meyer has a phenomenal sermon on bitterness vs wholeness where she addresses praying for your enemies even if your not sure you really want God to bless them. I love Joyce Meyer because she is candid aka she keeps it real, God knows praying for our enemies isn't something we necessarily take joy in doing, but forgiveness can only bring you peace, and hating them can only keep you down.

All in all anger is weakness, it causes you to talk bad about people, it evokes feelings of distain and keeps our prayers in a box. So I challenge you now, to write down every person that gives you that UGH feeling when you picture them in your head or hear their name. Be truly honest with yourself, even if the list gets long  and think of an honest prayer you can send there way. If they have an mean spirit pray for unexpected kindness to come there way, if they have stolen from you, pray that God blesses them with a spirit of giving. Transform your enemies into recipients of your prayers and God will transform your ashes into beauty. #DBTAE 

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