Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Remaining at Peace ☮☮☮

Hello July! How are you? I hope everyone is as happy to see the 7th month of the year as me, I just decided after reading a blog post about eating more ice cream as a July goal, (its national ice cream month), that I needed to make some goals for this month!  This month is big for me because it’s the 7 month of the year, which means half of the year is behind us, and my website had been up and running for that long as well. It brings me so much joy to work on both my site and this blog regularly, and though sometimes it ca be a bit stressful collecting interviews, doing follow-ups, designing, promoting and just plain thinking about this brand that I call my business, in the end I know that it’s worth it, and it’s what God has given me the heart and mind to do.

Recently I decided to try to push my website into an upswing being that it’s the second half of the year, and these include various things; selling hookah, more blogging, video updates, and one thing I am very excited yet nervous about beginning and that is a modeling agency to accompany our hookah sales. I have been researching a lot on this matter, praying, mediating, and asking for advice from all angles, and at some points I felt like I should just scrap the whole idea because it would just be too much work.

 I mean how I could be getting so worked up about a simple idea, that hasn’t even yet come into form just imagine what it will be like if I actually start planning and spending! All of the various reasons to give up on my dream for right now seemed to make a lot of sense, but something in my head kept telling me, that I can do it. And once I meditating, prayed some more, and just relaxed a little, I realized that I don’t need to stress about the who, what, when where or why, but just remaining at peace about the whole situation and remember is that god gave me this mission “All girls are Pretty. All girls are worth it. All Girls should know it.” So with this truly being the mission, as long as I touch at least one young woman, I can never say I failed.

My future is something I plan for constantly, especially when it involves my business pursuits. It’s like the one thing I allow myself to worry about from time to time, but in the end worrying only seems to make me feel uneasy, and with or without this anxious ness, God makes a way for it all to happen. Remaining at peace has been a goal of mind for some time, and it takes me back t a quote I heard on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, “When you’re worrying about the past, you are suffering. When you are worrying about the future you are anxious. When you are living in today, you are at peace.” And isn’t that all we really ever want to be? It is for me at least.

My be at peace tattoo (upper fore arm) April 2014

So no, I don’t know how this modeling agency is going to begin, or how any of the future in this next 6 months of 2014 will go, but I have to say I know that if God is going to continue to be as good to me as he has been all my life, then nothing ca stop me from holding my head up and facing life every step of the way, and I hope you will to J #DontBiteTheAppleEve

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