Sunday, July 26, 2015

I'm back and I'm not turning back!

Its a been a while since I've written a blog post, over a year to be quite honest. Every time I've had a moment I felt the spirit was speaking to me I have thought "Dang I should share this on DBTAE" but I won't lay out a list of excuses of why that never happen, I will just say that I'm back.

In the past year God has done so many dynamic things in my life, but I also have fallen back into old habits, distractions and sins that led me away from the lord and my work. Now as us faithful Christians know you will never lose the lord and all he taught you completely even when deep in sin, but that luke warmness is not what God wants to see, and now that I'm back on track I see how much more I could have accomplished had I been whole heartily submersed in his word.

The video posted above is a small part of the daily devotion I have been doing every morning on my journey back to being red hot in the holy spirit. Joe of is a true man of God! I enjoy his videos because they are candid and approach issues that many young people wonder about but could probably never as their parents and pastors. He keeps it real and remains in the teachings of the bible and not of his own thoughts.

I have also been exploring a daily devotional video series by Inspiring You Today. Today I am on Day 7 and upon completing the final video I want to make a post with key points from each day to share with you all. Along with Joe, Inspiring You Today and of course a little gospel and tons of prayer, my daily devotion usually ends with a dynamic conference call that is truly changing lives.

Coach Stormy Wellington, who is now the #1 Network Marketer in the wold created this call and began with I believe 12 people and now the numbers have reached the 800's. The company that has allowed her to see so much success is called Total Life Changes, and they sell teas, diet supplements and things along those lines, but her morning call has nothing to do with pushing the company (I'm not a member his is not a secret plug lol) but everything to do with getting up in your face and making you ask yourself why am I not successful yet and serious calls to action in order to get out of your own way.

I will be sharing more and more about the things I do during my morning devotions, but I just had to come today and let everyone know that I am back. God has given me a big task to prepare for (I'll share soon) along with running my businesses, completing my final year at FAMU, Oh and I also work for Apple now, since I have started giving God the best fruits of my day things have become a lot more clear and so much easier. I've been tested...a couple time lol but I can only imagine how I would have came out had I not been on this path.
I missed blogging for Jesus, and I hope you missed reading my thoughts, I love to hear yours so like, comment, share and always remember Don't Bite the Apple Eve :) 

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